So much to say, where to start?
We had London Fashion Week happening over last weekend, after 2 days I actually gave up on it. Which I will go more in depth when I share the looks (hopefully soon). Other from that I've been having a blast around London, I am actually staying in a different area from the one I was leaving before, there's a lot of hipster-like/ young vibe around. Something I'd relate to Amsterdam more in some way. People cycle a lot around the area, it's the post-university feel at the coffees and pubs around, and my favourite part - there's healthy food around each corner! Cold pressed juice is my newest addiction. 
If are keeping up with my random tweets, I am actually without internet at the place I am staying for a few days now, so I have been going out to explore new places with free wifi (and cold pressed juice). As I am writing to you I am sitting at The Common E2 drinking Moju Green cold pressed juice. (you will be so into it the moment you try it)
I will be flying to Paris next Monday, meaning lots of snapchatting and Instagram stories. (yay!) I am looking to fix my phone before leaving, and eventually get the 7 Plus. There's so much going on at the moment, I haven't even found time to look into it, but I might end up getting the golden one.

Well anyways, let's get into the outfit.
On this day it was quite sunny, (the cold weather started exactly with LFW). So I went with this blush pink romper from Pretty Little Thing. It fits quite nicely with the open back and midriff gap. I've been wearing my Kenzo a lot lately because it is so tiny and casual, fit's more than I usually need. I don't really use the outside zips as it is not as practical but the inside is perfect. Because we would be walking around, I went with converse and sunglasses, finishing it off with my latest go-to bracelet.

Let me know what are you looking forward this season? I can't wait for Black Friday sales and Christmas festivities. 

Rose Suede Cut Out Playsuit: Pretty Little Thing • White Sneakers: Converse • Squared Sunglasses: Asos • Golden Bracelet: H Samuel (similar) • Chain Kalifornia Shoulder Bag: Kenzo 

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