Long time no see! Can't remember last time I sat down to put one of these together! Everything is so instant today, I get so caught up in the moments I almost forget to come here and update you.

So much to share, yet so little time. And when time is short, we have to make some priorities. With so much going on at the moment I am finding myself either on sabotage mode not wanting to get out of bed (hum, yeah that happens!) or super on it with everything in hands like a total octopus on multitasking mode. I love it. 

With me getting back to youtube (finally!) and the new t-shirt designs, which we are actually looking to make something so much huge than what it is at the moment (so, so exciting!) and the travelling! When I left Barcelona (watch out for that post) I literally ended the vlog saying "we won't be travelling soon" yet a new flight was booked, because you know what? I can't even feel the taste of Spring here in London.

I wish I was kidding, I leave every single day to the gym and there is not a day where I can actually leave my coat at home and walk under the sun. If you are a Summerholic like myself you understand the struggle. 

About the look, I can almost promise you I will be running away from Winter as soon as it get's back, just to avoid wearing the same thing from the waist down. Haha, it's such a good safe choice though! I don't even think - if it is cold and I need to leave quickly I will grab one of my leather pants and put on my leather boots, and from there I just get dressed.. I mean, it's so easy after that! This time I am wearing this nude colour block coat from River Island.

Let me know what you've been up to! See you soon!