Couldn't be happier to share a new (post coachella) look! I just can't get enough of these mules! And these culottes are the most beautiful thing for Summer! I might be a bit too obsessed with the scarf pattern this season! (ok, enough with the exclamations!!)

I've been having a bit too much fun this week trying new apps, literally just joined this weekend, and been trying to Snapchat a bit more. I also feel like I want to start making Youtube videos more regularly but I just can't came up with a good idea, (which by the way, I am open to suggestions..) I also have been more active on Twitter and I think I am starting to like it more. Although the account it self is from 2012 (much older than Silver Girl) I only started using it properly a few months ago (it used to be my personal account). Regardless, I still like Instagram and Snapchat way more as those are the ones I am more comfortable with, now. But I do want to get into Youtube as soon as possible, it will be a matter of coming up with ideas to post regularly.

About the look (as if I hadn't spoken about it enough already!) we made these photos under the sunset with the most beautiful seafront view! I've been loving to share my looks from different locations, I feel like I will enjoy looking back to these photos way more as I will remember each place and it's memories. I had this halter neck scarf for the longest time, new in my closet (have it also in more colours because I loved it so much) seriously it has been there for over 5 years easily! But I never felt comfortable enough to wear it to places as you don't really wear a bra under it. However recently I decided to give it a go, and as you can see in the Tropical Plum I am wearing the purple version of it and it looks amazing, so I think I might start wearing these more. 

Halter Top: Similar here and here • Print Culottes: Asos (similar) • Black Handbag: Armani Jeans (similar• Leather Mules: Similar here and here

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