Who would have known that one dress would have caused such impression? Taking on the street always turns some heads and sometimes people even stick around to watch, it can be so discomfortable but I am a bit used to it from when I used to model. I enjoy the idea of focusing on the lens as if you were trying to say something. When you're that focused everything else around is whatever, and I mean everything - from hair to outfit to whatever is going on around! 

This day however, was different, you can tell that I was quite aware of what was going on around me, I had people passing by me saying "very pretty", "so beautiful". Florals are not usually my thing, I am more into others aspects of nature if you know what I mean. I don't hate it, but the delicate side of it makes me feel too soft. But you know what was great about it? The fact that it was women were making these compliments. I find to be a bit rare, it made me so happy. They didn't have to say anything but still, they choose to say it. It really inspired me to say nice things out loud sometimes instead of just thinking to myself. Seeing a random person on the street wearing nice shoes and saying "I love your shoes, where are they from?" or "you have such nice hair". These little things can brighten up anyone's day. It is not that I was feeling bad that day, (I mean, this dress is really amazing), but it inspired me to sort of "pay it forward". have the courage to speak to people randomly, and make more compliments. 

In such friendly environment, I really couldn't focus on the camera and ignore everyone else smiling or talking to me, so the photos turned out a bit more candid. 

About the look, I am sad to say that it took me so long to share it to a point it is now sold out! Same goes for the shoes that got sold out pretty much a week after I purchased them last Summer. I think it is a mix of good taste and good luck! haha The worst part of it is having to find similar things that I would wear if this wasn’t available. I have to say that Ted Baker really surprised me with the fitting and quality. Some brands in the same price range can be disappointing when comparing. There are so many floral dresses on their website and even shoes, you could easily replicate this look just by going to their website. Mostly with Spring just around the corner, there will be more floral dresses coming up. I left a few suggestions bellow. 

Thanks for stopping by! 

Bouquet Tunic Dress: Ted Baker
Blooms Print Pumps: Gucci
Rose Gold Watch: Calvin Klein