Been taking some time to put together some of the photos I get to take with my new phone to share more of my casual looks with you. The iPhone 7 plus has truly been life changing for me, beeing always online and sharing images and video with everyone, whether publically or on private chats with my family and friends, the camera on this phone made my life a hundred times easier. I like practicality and efficiency and that's exactly what it is! I take the photos on location and start selecting and editing just a few minutes after, whether I'm in a car or waiting for for lunch. 

And because of that, I have also become better (faster) at editing, which is making it possible for me to share more often (and more in general) with all of you.

I've been Christmas Shopping these last couple days, and one thing I like to do is to surprise everyone with things I know they like but they were not quite aware of its existence. So instead of shopping at Zara for example, I like to go into the emerging shops that I get contacted through e-mail or find out about online and get the most perfect gifts. 

I will also be sharing this week gift ideas for a fashionista, something I did last year and you all loved. But today I want to share with you what I wear during the Holiday Season and how my outfits evolve as Christmas approaches. 

Here's a piece that I wrote for that will be shared on their app soon along with some of these images:

For a more classic look, I would wear gold with red, and for a more modern look I would wear silver with blue, these always work very well around Holiday Season. Choosing silky reds or velvet blues will take any look to another level this season. For a classic modern vibe, add leather and for a cooler vibe wear metallics in form of clothing as well such as biker jacket, tops, dresses and shoes. The metallics go very well with the holiday season, they not only look really good when under all the lights but they also are quite elegant/cool.  Shifting from both combinations during the holiday season will undoubtedly keep anyone looking festive and on trend.

It's one of the best times of the year to go all the way with statement pieces, such as classic necklaces or the so trending statement earrings, according to your style. If you are going for delicate jewellery, pick a one tone dress or outfit, and keep the jewellery in 1-2 tones. Small hints of rhinestones will make you shine as you move around. 

One thing I'd like to share here with you is that I naturally start to go more 'all the way' bit by bit as Christmas approaches, starting off more simple, adding more detail and attention to it as the days pass, changing my makeup and hair and choosing more interesting pieces to wear.

It is truly the best time of the year to dress fancier, so if you have some crazy shoes or an amazing dress, find the perfect excuse to wear them, while having a great time this holiday. Plan in advance the things you would like to do and invite your friends or family to do it with you, this is the best time of the year for invitations as we are all more open and ready to have a good time.

About the look, sent me these beautiful boxes with stunning jewellery inside for me to share it with you, and the moment I opened it on Instastories I fell in love with the bracelets and the ear cuffs! When shopping I want to wear comfortable clothing, so the sneakers might not come as a surprise here, they have been my go-to since Fashion Week. White sneakers might be the best invention after court heels! haha This midnight blue dress I got from Zara, it's in this neoprene material and the back is opened with a beautiful cross design (should have taken a photo of that!) 

That is it for today, hope November is being good to you! I will be back soon with a new look.

Pearl Cuff: Motif • Belt Bracelet: Motif • Night Sky Bracelet : Motif • Olive Earcuffs: Motif • Midnight Blue Dress: Zara (similar here and here) • White Sneakers: Zara Customized (similar here and here

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