My thoughts have been floating over London. At this point I am coming to the realisation that perhaps, I really miss it there. I remember in the Summer days taking the pubic bikes and going up to Camden, and then coming all the way down. It was cold and the days were over before what you would call snack time, but maybe that’s what keeps people productive, the rush that the day will end. Not the perfect thing for the elder now that I think about it, unless of course, you live indoors so much it doesn’t even matter. And don’t get me wrong, when I say elder, I mean elder soul. So it could easily be one of you reading. (I’m kidding)

Other from the rhythm, I miss the mentality. If there’s one thing I learned from traveling is that each country has it’s own thinking/logic, and pretty much every one there follows, because you know, we all want to be integrated and make friends (and sometimes more than that) last thing you want is people thinking that you’re weird. Unless of course, you already got used to it. I like to think that everyone is busy with their life so much that they just can’t bother staring outside, even though that might not be true if you’re in Portugal. So best advice here would be following Harry Winston’s advice “People will stare, make it worth their while.” or simply ignore them. It was just a couple of days ago that throughout the entire 10-15 min we were photoshooting a look, these two taxi drivers were literally staring and talking with each other the entire time, and didn’t even bother to hide it. 

Not only there’s privacy (like maybe you would think of New York) but there’s also this huge effort to find some time interacting with other people. You really can’t get bored when in London. So all of this got me thinking that I will maybe be going back soon. Nonetheless, if I leave, I’ll be missing these bright days under 21 degrees. Also the food will be something to manage and of course, the gym.

About the look, I recently did some shopping, and I found these beautiful Massimo Dutti boots that reminded me of Kendal, street styling in New York, which of course was a huge trigger. Also found this top and skirt in Zara while having a look at their sale selection. This skirt is suede, it’s something I wound’t run for, but was interesting enough to get my attention. As for the top, I had my eye on everything with a long neck, so the short sleeve convinced me under the current weather here. 

Retro Skirt: Zara • Black Handbag: Michael Kors • High Neck Top: Zara • Overknee Tights: H&M • Ankle Boots: Massimo Dutti

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