Remember that weekend by the beach? Well, get ready - the next outfits throughout the end of this month will most likely be from that time spent there, just like the previous one. You can expect lots of bikini posts, not only from that weekend but throughout the entire season, as I am a huge fan of all-things-summer.

Thinking that a few months ago my body was not this fit, (nor this tanned) makes me think of how much we can change if we are up to it. I got thinner to a point people think I am taller, (my mom included!)

It is not easy to change, and the faster you want to see results the longer it will take. But if you are willing to accept your starting point and take the challenge with no expectation of miracles, and mostly accept that you are not a robot and that you will not do well some days you will see progress. And progress will keep you going. It's like falling asleep on the airplane versus keep looking at the time and counting it down. If there's a delay you can't even stand it! But if you are sleeping you don't even notice, and it is all fine! Might sound silly, but isn't it all about feeling good? And feeling good not only at the end but every day? 

The things you want the most are often the ones you have more difficulty in making happen. Since in most cases, you can't even tolerate where you are, you want to skip the journey and you are only whining to be happy once you're at the end point of that journey. In some cases, we so want to be there, that when we get there we can't even feel grateful, we just think that it should have never been otherwise, or that it was so hard it is not even worth celebrating. 

We come up with the worse excuses to not feel happy. We will never have it all, and we will never get it all done. And if you think about it, that is where the fun is. There is no end, so you will have always more to learn, create, share, experience, feel. Therefore, wanting to have things to then be happy will put you in a place where you will never be happy. 

Let me just say that I am not only talking about fitness, see it as an analogy to anything you want. You can aim to be fit, but you have to be ok with your starting point and be happy throughout the journey even if it takes years. (yes, years!) As much as you will enjoy getting there, you have to be willing to see the perks of the journey, the things you would never learn or experience. 

This applies to so many things in my life, the more ambitious and determined we are the more we hit the walls, fall and get up. But isn't everyone that made it, like that? It's some sort of, how much can you take and keep going? Because it is in that much that you will find yourself in a much less crowded place, and who knows, eventually be the number one.

About the look, these cheeky Calzedonia bottoms are by far the most perfect! They make any butt look flawless. (haha, I'm not kidding!) You need to try them! The material is so soft and the size can be easily adjusted since you can untie them on the sides. I have seen so many girls wearing these Ipanema Brazilian Bikini Bottoms, and all of them with different body types. It's case to say, if you want a beach body, just take your body to the beach.

Bikini Top: Triangl β€’ Bikini Bottom: Calzedonia (Similarβ€’ White Top: Similar here and here β€’ Black Sunglasses: Similar here and here

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