And so there's the weekend. Ever since 2016 started life as been going from one extreme to another, from boredom to stress, from excitement and sureness to almost numb, almost unsure. Trying to pick up all that comes without leaving any of it behind. You never know when you're pushing yourself too much or not taking it all in. After 30 min debating, I always get to the same conclusion - it doesn't matter (and I lost 30min).

 I've been quite excited to go to Paris, and I've done no effort to hide it. If you are here coming from Instagram you've been hearing me talking about it since a month ago, when we first decided to go. Spent yesterday curating the best from whatever I could find. London had so much available compared to Portugal, so it was definitely challenging. You can expect some Zara involved in my PFW outfits.. but there will be also some Sonia Rykiel and Wildfox since I managed to do some risky online shopping this morning (hopefully it will all arrive before we leave to Paris). There will be also Valentino, DKNY and Kenzo in the 9-10 looks I will be wearing during Fashion Week.

We already have scheduled more than 10 shows, which is quite unexpected but very exciting. I am so looking forward to attend all the shows and share everything with you. I will make sure to snapchat every second and to keep you up to date all the time through Facebook and Instagram. Once the shows are over we will start packing back to London.

About the look, I found this coat the second it was online, that yellow background contrasting the red immediately caught my eye. These pants have been a long time favourite, and pairing them with my latest boots has been one of my go-to choices. The secret of the look though is on the inside: a lightweight cotton cardigan over a white fitted summer top, held by a thin belt to keep it light and fresh. The tropical weather in this island has been changing so fast I can't really go out thinking single-season, I really need to have the four seasons in mind. 

Red Coat: Zara • Leather Leggings: Helmut Lang • White Top: ASOS • Lightweight Drape: Forever 21 • Leather Boots: Massimo Dutti • Leather Belt: Stradivarius (similar)

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