“Be yourself.” How many times have you read these words on social media posts? It’severywhere! Everyone is looking to become an authentic match with the self, or wanting others to be more consistent with their behaviour. But what does it really mean?

Being ourselves means being everything and anything at the same time, to hold on to something and to let it go, to define and redefine ourselves and to experiment life in order to grow. Being ourselves is following what we feel and letting it change us, coming up with conclusions and opinions, and expressing them in the moment without letting those become our last word. Whoever said “you cannot change your mind” or “you’re not being consistent with your word” forgot to see that beyond consistency there is a person that can think and talk about a subject so many times in a day, and easily change her mind as she finds more information. If this person keeps updating with everyone what she is thinking, you will find her inconsistent. 

The less you can define someone with words, the more authentic that person is being. You’ve seen her strong, but you’ve also seen her weak. You’ve seen her young and happy and you’ve seen her old and grumpy. It’s exciting to talk with someone authentic because you can’t really predict what she will say or how she will react, it could be anything. It’s hard to define her because she is everything and anything. She is authentic with what she feels that is right in that moment. She keeps up with her growth.

These are my thoughts today,

Dream on,