As we approach the last day of 2015, I can't help to stop resuming the year in my head. Making my own balance, looking for my own feedback. It's obvious for me, the year was super positive! Despite all the drama it would be fool to think other than that it was an excellent year - for self growth, self love, gratitude and new opened doors. It's interesting to flashback to  those days we have throughout the year, that seem that nothing will make it better or that we are stuck. But we eventually raised up again. What we don't always see though, is that when we raised, we were no longer in the same place we were before. It's as if every time we fell of the stairs, if we got up, we would be another two floors up, if that makes any sense.

It might be a bit early to start reviewing the year, but these holidays will eventually run faster with Christmas day approaching. In a heartbeat I will be holding raisings in one hand counting down to midnight. And when the fireworks start, I will be too distracted to come up with the 12 wishes. Maybe it's the flavour of the raisins, (eh! the things I do for those midnight wishes!) It sounds worth it if you consider it might work.

My prospects for next year are very positive, I truly believe that 2015 was the challenge and 2016 will bring the reward, so I am definitely excited for the beginning of the coming up year. 

About the look, these Geox boots are ultra comfortable, I could easily stay up all night in these. And you can still find this bodycon dress available at Asos (the link is below), to be honest I don't usually pick up this kind of dress for the New Years Eve, I tend to go for something sleeveless and long. But I decided to come up with a warm-up look for the event, so that you can also  start thinking of your own NYE look. 

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Holidays!

Metallic Striped Dress: ASOSAnkle Boots: Geox

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