Light fabrics in December has been truly refreshing. I've been a long time advocate of hot Summer days, so maybe this is the universe conspiring in my favour. However I still think that January will turn surprisingly cold. For those of you enjoying the hot breeze I thought maybe would be nice to share a take on a casual sunny Christmas day outfit. From a fresh drink in the promenade to a sunbath by the pool.

Ok, I can definitely feel some of you shivering! Believe me, the weather is just as good as a nice Summer day can get! It's been quite an experience, I have to say. It feels weird to have friends and family gathered in this 'big summer holiday', I honestly feel that the weather went crazy, although it is more me getting used to it than the weather playing games. I call it weatherlagged

If you've been following me on instagram you're most likely tired of hearing me talk about the weather, so let's get into the outfit. A plain blouse is one of the best ways to style printed pants, you can basically pair it with any colour in the print. The trick though is to pick the lightest tone for a lighter look and the darkest one for a more heavy look, according to how you're feeling. I pulled the converse out, since it would be just fresh enough to the temperature but not as much as a pair of sandals to make me feel weird (I might eventually get over it) besides, the red in the trainers matched the print so it felt like the obvious choice. Took the bag and off I went, to a nice chicken salad in this Italian restaurant I love. 

I hope you're having a good Friday, and that your weekend turns just as good. Don't take anything too seriously and remember to smile a lot! If you find yourself bored come to Instagram and drop a comment, I usually try to answer everyone. And if you want, you can also find me on twitter, I tend to be more playful there. Maybe because I never really used it properly. So now that I think I am, I take it as a place to loosen up once in a while, and write something more amusing.

Black Handbag: Michael Kors β€’ White Blouse: Massimo Dutti (similarβ€’ Print Pants: Stradivarius β€’ White All Star: Converse

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