AGO 2017

As I'm keeping the new designs a secret (or trying to) I can't really keep myself from looking at these. The GirlBoss t-shirt in both white and black is one of those designs that we spend some good time putting together. While the white one is super fresh, the black one has more of an electro vibrant and energetic mood. 

Ends up being a total coincidence being in Lisbon by the tram (aka electric) taking a couple shots. I swear it wasn't planned - it hardly ever is. I wish I could show you how these were shot, there's a full series of looks in Lisbon wearing these t-shirts, you'll get the last post tomorrow. 

If you've been reading these for a while (or watching the vlogs) you likely know that, when in Lisbon I like to stay in the Baixa-Chiado area. Might go up to Marques de Pombal and Saldanha, but nothing beats the streets through Bairro Alto and Chiado. There's this vibe of holiday laidback lifestyle that I really like. I'm not the one that gets on the train to Sintra, or on tram to Belem to eat the authentic Pastel the Nata. (custard tart) but I am most certainly be found at a local Vitaminas eating a huge salad with shrimps, avocado, smoked salmon, and feta.

I always think it would be good to go to Cascais and Estoril, I've made a few friends from this area that i haven't talked for a while now, since my days with acting and modelling. But I mean, this area is a total must for a Summer child like me. The thing is, I never stay that long and if I do, I am most likely having something on schedule that keeps me in the centre of Lisbon. 

There's a few must-try places in the area, whether you are into sushi or wine, seafood or coffee. Nothing beats Portuguese coffee, really. I can skip coffees for the coffee they're serving just because I know I can get better. Delta Gold and Nicola are just two of my favourite, and they can be found at any coffee place, restaurant or bakery. 

To finish of, I never leave the city empty handed. Although the city is not necessarily filled with the latest, the clothing shops can be way more affordable, from Tommy Hilfiger to Zara, and other chain retail lables, prices are usually attractive if you know where to go.

So now you know why I love going back to Lisbon. The warm nights, the friendly people, the entertaining streets, and the attractive prices will hardly ever go out of style. 

Shot the Girlbooss T-Shirt: Asos or HeySilverGirl