So excited I am finally (and I mean finally) finding enough self-motivation (more like self-discipline, but sounds harsh, so let’s leave it that way) to get all these looks up! I could say “put this up for you” but to be honest, it’s really for myself. I’ve been wanting to have everything up since September, it feels surreal (and.. late! haha) Still a lot more to come, I think this will be our record - the month we shared more looks (ironically, the smallest month of the year).

So what’s new, you say. Well, 7AM gym became part of my morning ritual, not used to being an early bird, I get headaches around 8PM and lasts till I go to bed (usually 12PM). It feels great, I would never guess days could be this long, it feels like winning some time over to do everything I always wanted to do. (like posting so often).

Tonight I am going to this “gig” with Craig David, sponsored by O2 War Child BRITs Week. But I will share more of that on Snapchat and Instagram.

About the look, I found this skirt at Zara, it’s so different, right? I was looking for something that would sort of inspire me after all the band tees I had been wearing. (seriously, I can’t even go on a trend for the entire season, it’s that feeling after the binge that puts me off of it) Anyways, it seemed obvious to me that the bodysuit would look perfect with it. The necklace/choker and the silver jacket managed to keep the look edgy and fresh. 

Would you wear this look? See you soon!