By now you’re probably aware that my goal here every week is to keep you motivated and fired up, ready for the next thing while at the same time you enjoy and make the most of your life experience.

You know, I really enjoy watching people interact and move in their unique manners. Weird, I know.

I find it somewhat like a meditation, I pay so much attention I feel like I am part of them and they are part of me. - seriously, can this get any more weird? - Has it happened to you before? Of course this doesn’t happen all the time, I am not a falling angel. At least that’s not the story my mom told me..

My point is, if you look at others in a way you can relate, there’s no judging and when I’m in that position, the person I am looking at could be the one with the worst attitude, and still, I would understand her.

I believe that if we observe someone long enough we will end up liking that person more than we did before.

We don’t need to know someone’s story to understand someone’s motivations. Sometimes there are probably better excuses than others. Truth is we all deal with pain in different ways and if someone is mean to you or has a bad attitude, if you’re lucid enough to SEE that person, you will know that it has absolutely nothing to do with you, that person is hurt and is likely to not know how to deal with her emotions. As small as her issue may seem to others, for that person is huge and painful, so she’s likely to attack you whenever she feels threatened or break into tears about “small things”.

This is why, if I get angry or hurt with someone because of something that person did to me, most times I think of it as a spoiled attitude, because that situation had nothing to do with me, and more, if I continue that chain someone else might get hurt. It’s a pleasure to find chains now and then think that it’s our duty to break them.

How to break a bad chain?

You listen to the words and you let them pass through you. I’ve cried before doing this, many times, this is hard to do if it is with someone close to you. You don’t react. Close your eyes, find an empty space in your head where there’s not a word flowing. Open your eyes and be present as much as you can, touch the things around you and feel how real they are. Once I do this, ANYTHING that could have hurt me for years is gone in that minute.

This probably sounds crazy to some of you, but hopefully some of you will try it and realise how much power you have over your feelings. This is one of the most powerful things I will ever tell you. Everyone gets impressed on how fast I forget things but this is how I do it.

Hope next week you’ll be wrapped up with ease. Thank you for reading.

Dream on,