Long days require comfort and ease. Walking around from one place to another, keeping the elegance without loosing the energy, can be a hard thing to achieve on a daily basis. Not every shoe will go both ways, not every pants, not every blouse.

Somedays I just feel like putting my sunglasses on and getting out the door, (ok maybe not these golden ones, but something darker and more casual) and truth to be told, sometimes, that's really what I do. But weirdly enough, I then feel awkward with people, as if I had came outside in my pajamas by mistake, because I was feeling lazy in the morning, (although in reality, I sleep in something quite minimal in design and fabric, which could easily work outside). 

To make things easier, I came up with some sort of dressing code to Comfort Meets Elegance for Everyday Wear. Not planning to keep all things to myself, so I figured you could find this useful.

Your closet should be filled with skinny jeggings and culottes, (I don't care if you are short, this is the best time to own your body figure, whatever it is). Don't look at skirts and give second thoughts to dresses (it's only a 'yes' is you are wearing them over jeggings).
Soft blouses that don't need to be ironed, that accentuate your figure, are really the best. Only have 4 of those? Repeat them over and over, until you shop for more. Better wear a top twice than let a different one upset you. I mean, unless you are sick or sweating, there's nothing wrong about repeating a piece of clothing (feeling some relief?) These old ideas really serve no one.
Minimise accessories to sunglasses and watch if that much,. But you can't really miss the sunglasses, (nothing like getting privacy while in public) that and a hair tight because if things get real through the day, you need that hair our of the way.
To finish off, flats as much as heels can be ridiculously painful. This is where I tell you that cute shoes are a mirage. You should value comfort, elegance and neutrality when looking for everyday shoes. My mom always told me that, a standard short heel is better than no heel, and she was absolutely right! It helps to maintain a good posture (extra points for elegance) and you will easily walk around in them all day. Geox will give you some good options, but there are many brands having shoes in these terms available.

Making sure that you are comfortable throughout the day, will insure that your day goes more smoothly, and make it easier for you to stay happy. Because there is really nothing to worry about. For every problem there is a solution, and at the end of the day you should only feel good.

Open Back Bodysuit: Zara Velvet Culottes: Zara (similar) • Black Handbag: Armani Jeans (similar) • Metallic Sandals: Zara (similar) • Gold Sunglasses: Asos (similar)

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