So third day in Paris comes about and I wake up feeling a bit sick. Maybe it was last night’s parties, maybe it was the different foods at the events. I had no alcohol and I am very picky with food, so at this point, I still don’t know what it was.

“I’m not here to miss a show..” not only the mindset but what I kept repeating while laying in bed feeling dizzy and completely exhausted as if I haven't slept for days. Eventually put some clothes on, and head out to Ledoyen for the first show of the day - Manish Arora. 

If you already watched the vlog, you must know that I lost the second show, for a good reason I guess, but you will have to watch. After that I met this girl from Paris called Jasmine, we’ve been talking for about an hour or two. I was so tired, my stomach and head.. It was something between exhaustion and food poisoning. So once I am back, I literally say “ok, now I have some time to rest” however, I end up realizing that there’s a party that night, and I can’t really sleep with makeup. So I’ve been doing all sort of things till about 9PM.

The party was at this hotel nearby. It was the launch of Jonak shoe collection created in collaboration with Sara Escudero (aka CollageVintage). Ended up bumping into a few people, including Ivan Rodic (aka FaceHunter). We had such a good time, it gets funny at the end of the vlog. So much of it was blurred and silly I laughed so much while putting it together. Ended up just leaving a few parts of it, but still funny. 

VLOG: PARTYING W/ CollageVintage and FaceHunter | PARIS FASHION WEEK | Ep. 4

About the look.. this jacket is such a good statement piece to have. It’s essentially an oversized dark denim jacket covered in dark pink (almost magenta) velvet. A white t-shirt from the men’s section - that boyfriend fitting was exactly what I was looking for. The necklace really gave it that bling touch, although I feel like the sunglasses the jacket and the white boots were the most interesting pieces here, just after the Gucci belt bag. Believe me or not, I am already a bit over these trousers. I like the fitting could be way better, so last week I got another two and I am still looking. Might be just me, but I feel like black cigarettes are the new jeans.