Pairing hints of colour with white, has been my go-to sort of style lately. Making something casual a little more interesting and fun without going overboard.

My style tends to change very frequently, not only with seasons and trends but also with the way I feel. If you go back in the looks you will see that. It is really one of the reasons why I love styling and playing around with clothes, it is such a fun way to communicate,  not only who we are but how we are feeling. And most times we do it without meaning to. The way we decide to wear dungarees for instance (considering not wearing them an option as well) is a way to express ourselves the best way we know. And it can be stressful at times as some days we don't even know what to say. Perhaps that is why we have the basics for, to keep things simple, still, in that simplicity, we continue communicating. 

I find that it is easy to put too much pressure in the way we dress, and often we forget to have fun. Wearing a funky pair of heels to work will not make you lose your job, nor loose respect from the people you work with. It just shows a bit of personality. Looking for inspiration online has been one of the most interesting ways for people to redefine how they want to be preceived. But I find that the key is to experiment and see how you like to see yourself the best, as we can like so many things in others but not feel as comfortable when wearing them ourselves. 

I like to think that trying new styles and experimenting with food is not so far from each other, there are some foods you won't even consider, but you are likely to be open, to try another plate with avocado. Ordering the same one feels safe, however in some days you will feel adventurous and try something new. 

About the look, it was so hot outside, we took these photos around noon so I really had to be in the shade while wearing the freshest outfit I could come up with. Luckily, while packing I managed to keep the few clothes I took for the weekend, in a good colour range. Making everything much easier to style. 

Bikini Top: River Island (similar• Scarf Headband: Zara (similar• White Dungarees: Stradivarius (similar• White Sliders: Similar here 

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