There's so much in the streets today that having it all clean and curated sounded like a dream when I was going through all the images. So many #TB on Instagram coming in between, and sneaky fashion pages changing the publishing dates from other years to get more clicks. Sure, now you know where to find the very best. Not only in terms of style but also in photography. Will have one of these for each city.


All photos by Philip Oh - Vogue Magazine




We are definitely opening our arms to colour, pink has been talked about a lot lately mostly in the shape of a coat. We could also see lots of warm colours such as yellow, orange and red. For colds only the blue stood out in New York almost blurred in the neutrals.

Neutrals are still very strong, beige is now the old purple (symbolising high status). Total white looks were also huge along with the always stylish total-black. Neutrals come in form of a camouflage palette of browns, nudes, blacks and whites. 

In terms of texture and shape, big voluminous fur coats took over the street, maybe because of the severe temperature drop. Pants were worn fitted and dresses long with ankles showing preferably.

For patterns, stripes are taking over followed by many geometrical prints. Looking for colour is key, and if you can't take the straight lines there's overlapped bubbles and flowers for almost every taste. 

As for the shoes, the most iconic the better. Fur from inside out, comfortable being flats and platforms on the lead followed by chunky heels. 

All photos by Liz Devine -