There's so much in the streets today that having it all clean and curated sounded like a dream when I was going through all the images. So many #TB on Instagram coming in between, and sneaky fashion pages changing the publishing dates from other years to get more clicks. Sure, now you know where to find the very best. Not only in terms of style but also in photography. There will be one of these for each city. See the Best NYFW Street Style and Best of LFW Street Style and Best MFW Street Style.


All photos by Philip Oh - Vogue Magazine


And so we got to the final city. The only Fashion Week I actually attended this season. 
On the contrary to the other cities, volume and colour was not the main focus in Paris. The elegance and style got more subtle and wearable compared to the other cities. A classic elegant look, where the intelligence is in the right key pieces. Pretty much the Parisian style in a nutshell. 

Paris did not took the dive into colour as the other cities, instead, a constant chess game was going on with colour blocks of blacks and whites. Head to toe in one colour was also trending, being blue and green the most popular ones (right after neutrals). The amount of denim was probably as strong as in Milan as well as the taste in some prints. Florals, stripes and checkered prints were among the favorites.

Shiny/silky fabrics were everywhere, from bomber jackets to bottoms and dresses. Ankle boots seemed to be everyone's favourite, preferably in black, followed by the classic pointed shoe. Some fur, (maybe unintentional, but it was too cold not to) popped here and there, as well as leather and wool blends.

Blazers, lapel coats and bomber jackets were the most seen when it comes to outerwear. As for details, bell sleeves were almost as trendy as the flared jeans. Culottes, were still a thing, but in interesting choices of fabrics such as denim. 

These were just some of the trends spotted in the streets of Paris, there was so much going one it would not be possible to capture every single look. So much good style happening at once making it look that after the other cities, we all got wiser, looking seamlessly perfect creating a burst of trends in the streets of Paris. 

All photos by Philip Oh - Vogue Magazine



All photos by Imaxtree - The Fashion Spot