There's so much in the streets today that having it all clean and curated sounded like a dream when I was going through all the images. So many #TB on Instagram coming in between, and sneaky fashion pages changing the publishing dates from other years to get more clicks. Sure, now you know where to find the very best. Not only in terms of style but also in photography. There will be one of these for each city. See the Best NYFW Street Style and Best of LFW Street Style.


All photos by Phil Oh - Vogue Magazine


Milan might be one of my favourite cities to look at fashion and style. Maybe it is because I took my degree there, but I guess we can all agree that this city's fashion knowledge is superior and the Italian taste can be quite refined. Italians know how to have fun with fashion in a really smart easy going way, something you can easily see in the pictures. The street references mixed with the elegance. The big furs, the suede coats, the bomber jackets and the statement denim. These were just some of the things that stood out.

In colour, there was a distinguishable endorsement of the green particularly forest and military tones. Total white and porcelain looks were also quite strong. The beige tones referred on the NYFW Street Style as the purple of the New Era, making you look expensive. I believe it is because light colours are hardly picked by people with less resources counting on the chances of it getting stains and look worn out more easily shortening the durability of the clothing. Big furs can also be hard to keep in good state if you don't live in a clean environment, so the straight fur in a natural colour states for an expensive look as the curled fur often dyed in some colour (seen on New York and London) suggests a much more street look. Think of it as hair, the more natural and clean it looks the more expensive it appears. 

The Vintage look was also something that stood out, a very clean well achieved as the good Italian will do. Take Chiara Ferragni as an example. The idea is to make it so back then we get nostalgic just by looking (even if you were not even alive in that decade!). Sunglasses have been a huge key accessory for the Italians, even in other cities. It is like a beautiful armour that serves to protect and show off at the same time. So when in Milan the tip might be to get a pair!

Pleats are just another form of stripes, and you could see both showed in many forms and colours. As for the patterns in general, the main focus were: 70's florals, most times as a statement, seen in shoes and handbags; the chinese resemblance designs outerwear also seen in some looks in London; some animal print and some baroque also in outerwear. 

So you might say that Italians might just want to outlive the Summer, wearing florals and white with sunglasses during Winter. 



All photos by Diego Zuko - Harpers Bazaar