BEST OF 2015

It's official, we are recapping our year in looks for the first time. I obviously could not make up my mind, there were so many looks that became remarkable, either for the situation it self, the result and of course, your reaction. So I ended up with a top 30 of the very best (or very favourite).

Would we have been faster sharing the outfits with you, and the task would have become much harder. Do you remember when we used to post a look per week (in a good month). And we were not thinking about anything else, really. That was the problem, we were most certainly overthinking. haha

We went through phases, looking for what would be our style. In the beginning we had the characters, do you remember that? Mia, Zoe and Jen. Jen represented the cool kid, tomboy, entrepreneur. Zoe was the funny quirky one, we didn't do much of that as you can see, and Mia represented the free soul, bohemian traveler. So surely we did more of that when we eliminated the character thing.  

As we lost the characters, it felt it was time to take things to another level, to find out who Silver really was. That daring girl that is always up to take another step further, who's not afraid of speaking about what she believes despite anything else, and changing her mind afterwords if your argument is that good. An open minded free kid that ran without shoes around the block thinking that was normal, well for her it was. (btw why am I talking about myself in the third person?) We also dropped the S and went from Silver Girls to Silver Girl. And with this change, the posts stopped being style pictures connected with motivational posts and became regular outfit updates, and the motivation became a category that would also feature some quotes of my own and famous people. This was also the time when Fashion section appeared, and I started sharing Trends from fashion week, my Favourites, and my own Trend Predictions

So eventually I cut bangs and got my hair darker. Got more into street styling than the editorial type, although it still remained but in a low key as we wanted to share the looks more frequently and casually. Got more restricted with styling and stopped working with lower brands, apart from Zara. Not in a snob-ish way, but because it was something I did not believed in. Bad quality clothing is like fast food. So I cleaned my wardrobe for good, and only kept the most epic (something that would be a nice vintage in 20 years) and the most classic (also known as basics, black pants, white shirt, ..) There's not a pair of denim in my closet at the moment. However there's a million of black bottoms in different cuts and textures to compensate. 

After changing the style, (to which we decided to keep it sophisticated but cool and in vogue) it didn't took to long for me to realize that cutting bangs didn't necessarily needed to happened, so when we got back from our last trip of the year. I went to the hair salon to get my hair back to what it was. I also got back to the gym and started taking it as serious as ever. By this time I started to get more comfortable with the idea of sharing an outfit every week, so we changed it to two. I also started to be found on Instagram by more people, which gave me more enthusiasm to make more content and share it more frequently. 

By sharing more regularly, I can say that now I am starting to find my place and who I am online, and it's definitely becoming exciting. At the beginning when you don't know you tend to imitate him and her but after you learn you change it to something more you. And I guess that is what we will discover in 2016. I used to say 'We don't change and become a whole new person, we simply become more of who we are', as Maya Angelou said 'When you know better you do better'. Truly excited to share better with you in this year, thank you for coming on board, the more people in the sled, the faster it slides. (in another words, feeling you're there reading really makes me go faster and do more) so thank you for that. Now get your belt on, it will be an exciting adventure.