best looks at harpers bazaar sara sampaio



Lot's of silk, see throughs and amazing golds. Hands down Grace Bol's took all the awards. It's so clever to pick a dress that reflects the light so beautifully and brings light to your skin. She looked stunning. 

The Victoria's Secret models seemed to be matching in some way, with the black mesh and see-throughs. They all look amazing individually but when together, makes it look like the backstage of a runway show. Sara Sampaio looked so original and Martha Hunt ended up standing out with the red dress, which to be honest is my least favourite (along with Peyton, Chloe and Vanessa) just because these looks are more casual and turn out to be a bit boring for a red carpet event.

Selena Gomez also took the casual route, but when doesn't she. I LOVED to see her in this outfit, just after writing about the YeYe Girls as a reference to take inspiration from this season. She truly embodied that in a modern way. 

In some way, I wish Kaia had worn something more flattering and elegant. Kim looked good in that dress, I can see that cross back being a thing, she's not the first one wearing it. Bella looked amazing in that dress, very sci-fi with the orange hair. Karlie also looked amazing in the black velvet dress, I'd totally wear that.. you know, I was as tall as her. 

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