October 2000 When I was in primary school my hair looked pretty much as it looks now, except the bangs had a straighter cut. On my point of view that time, from what I can remember, going to school was exciting because there was so much potential in one day. There was a lot of kids to which I could get to know and become friends with, and teachers would always have something new for me to do. I didn’t knew my schedule, so opening the maths book or starting a composition or even draw my holidays was equally exciting. Looking back I now know I felt the true freedom of being a kid. I was curious about life and other people. A happy kid that would always have something funny to say and if no one laughed, I laughed until my laugh made them laugh.

I always felt proud of being one of the girls, I knew that we were way more interesting and fun! I felt the power of being a girl and getting to take advantage of sweetness and cuteness. I talked with pretty much everyone, I didn’t knew that when you have money you’re not suppose to talk with the poor. Girls with no money were easily left out, but I would play with them in one day and with the other girls in the other, not because I was sorry for them, but because I saw no difference. And thankfully no one made sure to come to me and impose all that nonsense. I remember my aunt telling me that maybe I should play with other kids and I told her something like “I play with other kids too, but when these girls call me to play, what would you expect me to say? They’ve done nothing to me, they’re my friends!” to which she replied “so many kids to play with, why would you choose them”. At the time I didn’t answer, but today I think I know why. They respected me, I felt good around them while the other girls wanted to compete (yes, that was primary school). So I ended up with good balance between both, it was fun!

Never let any outer opinion change your decisions, although I was making a different choice at primary school behaving differently than other kids and putting some of them off, I latter learned that I was the one who was doing it right. Just because you stand alone it doesn’t mean you’re the wrong one.