1999 AUGUST Waking up always felt pretty much like an adventure, the day had began and there were so many things I could do. Looking outside the window the weather is hot as usual, it’s Summer! So I go downstairs no shoes on, no pants on, just a top and my little white knickers. Sure I had to say hi to my dog, and get lost in the garden. The space to run and to explore is so big I could easily get distracted and start on a new adventure, from dirt cakes topped with dishwasher cream and served with avocado leafs, to riding my bicycle around, still barefoot, only maybe this time with a skirt that would make no extra effort to hide anything. If the gates were open I was allowed to go out as long as I wouldn't go beyond the alley. So little barefoot bangsy girl would run, outside the gates and play, catching grasshoppers and finding new friends that would sometimes come across the area. Going back home meant (thanks to my mom) realising that I should have probably taken my shoes with me, brushed my hair and perhaps not wear white. So pointing my feet in front of the sprinklers was the only way to make it right.

Growing up with such freedom is something I will always feel grateful for. There’s nothing better than experiencing life through nature. This week find a day to take your shoes off (and pants if you feel like) and feel the raw of nature, or simply being outside. Feel the breeze touch your skin and loosen up. Don’t take anything with you, no phone no anything. Just you, raw.