Monaco is one of those places where I could picture myself living, well maybe in another life since I have my plan super focused and defined now, but beeing there felt somewhat like home. The streets, the environment, the mood in general, maybe because it was low season, just las the precious times I was there. It always feels good to be in Monaco.

I know not everyone is a fan, and mostly if you don't go all the way up to where they refer as the princess's castle when in fact there more than just that, you might end up disappointed not going to lie, me and my parents went there for the first time about 2 years ago and we saw the casino from the back, try to go there around 7PM-9PM it's a show of expensive cars and VIPs. It's stunning. And all the way up (it's really not that much) to the castle/palace. There's like a mini village up there (see the picture above) and it's absolutely stunning. I immediately fell in love with it. Even the post offices are cute. The view is also to die for and every corner you turn is a picture. The harbour is also a must, try to go as near as possible to the yachts it's so amazing because they're so big and most of them are new.

We ate the most ginormous pizza there, there's a place nearby the harbour that sells giant pizzas, we were so hungry so we went with truffle cream and something else I can't remember, It was so good if you ever go there you need to try it! Getting the bigger one ended up beeing such a mistake, why didn't we get just one slice? I over estimated my hunger and stomach, we waited about an hour to eat the rest of it because no one wanted to carry a huge box of pizza. Anyways, now we know.

About the look, I packed for Summer and ended up getting an Autumn weather so the leggings that were meant to be worn just for the airport turned out to be a great idea. This long silky shirt is a recent purchase from Zara, to be honest with you I wore it for the first time in Monaco and haven't worn it since, I honestly don't know why, I still think this looks fly with nude pointed heels, (that I also have in my closet with the tag on) I can't keep up with my own closet! This Ralph Lauren cap was my go-to during the whole week but as soon as I got back to London I simply got tired of it.