It definitely feels like things are starting to build up a bit. Yesterday we got so many big boxes on the mail to a point I decided to film an unboxing video opening the bigger ones. And just when I thought I was starting to feel bored, things started to pick up quickly, to a point I almost forget to share everything on Instagram (and in that note, snapchat has been a good friend to rely on) I am also sharing more on the other sections of Silver Girl now as I don't want it to loose it's essence. 'The idea is to be as daring with style as with life'- to try new things and to become something better through experience, and mostly have fun on the way!

I am always happy to read your most genuine comments and when you share one of my posts, the intent behind is always noticeable and it always makes me happy. And even though we are not millions yet, seeing things at this point makes so happy, because we have time to learn and be better and that some of you are already here to experience things with us from the very beginning. Things will only get better from this point, and I can't wait to see where it will take us.

About the look, if you can't tell by the title, with no intent I ended up recreating something quite similar, more wearable to one of the most inspiring fairytales. Alice in Wonderland has so many life lessons behind, I remember not liking it very much when I was younger because it all just felt like an unfair world to dream of where everyone was mean to Alice. And latter on I started to think that maybe Alice was the mean one in the story. It was only when I grew up and watched another version of the movie with Johnny Depp that I realised that it was meant to say something more than a story about wonder. 

Because I've been shopping for key trends to play with this season, making this look was as effortless as getting up in the morning, it ended up looking better than I initially thought it would. I considered Birkenstocks, but I wanted to look more casual. The top it self fits so many trends at the moment, weather it is the ruffles, the off-shoulder or the denim trend. The entire outfit is so comfortable to wear and the best part is that you can find it all at Zara.

Ruffle Denim Top: Zara (similar) β€’ White Dungarees: Zara (similar) β€’ White All Star Sneakers: Converse β€’ Raffia Hat: Zara (similar

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