hoodie silvergirl

Can't remember when was the last time I had the feeling I could not only predict my next month but could also plan ahead without a problem. Can't help to feel fortunate for being born in such a time, where my teens and twenties meet such a prosperous time in history where opportunity is currency. If only my parents had travelled as much as I did before even hitting my twenties.. Success has somewhat to do with luck - that moment where opportunities show up. But it also has a lot to do with perspective and awareness. We are so lucky, we specifically, for having everything easy and being able to move quickly and learn faster. We are now only limited by how far we want to go and how much we want to learn.  

Not everyone would agree with me, but sometimes we have to stop and compare. In Tim Ferris words, "what can be measured can be managed". Compare your mind to how it used to be, compare your life to how it used to be and compare who you have become to who you used to be. If you don't see progress, don't ignore it - change it. 
It's never too late to turn the boat and start living an exciting life.

About the look, this is one of my airport looks. Travelling from cold dry weather to warm humid sunshine. A comfortable velvet hoodie, casual white Taylor Chucks, adidas leggings and a cool comfortable backpack. Under the hoodie I was wearing a black t-shirt and these sunglasses from polette. (a collaboration from last year that was sitting brand new in my closet). Can't tell you how much my closet keeps on shifting nowadays. Another reason to feel fortunate for this time in history,I’ve lost count of how many gifts I get each month, there’s always have something new to wear. Being able to sell or giveaway a huge chunk of my closet each month because I am always travelling and often moving (you know, I like to fit everything in one bag) and to think I am not a nomad, I am just a millennial.