I've talked so much about my last trip to the French Riviera (Nice, Monaco, Canes and Villefranche) that some people started to ask me if I was actually born somewhere in one of those cities. Hilarious.I have to admit that Vilefranche is so extra, living there must feel somewhat like living on an island. Nice felt barely active, maybe because it was not the peak of the season. Canes literally felt somewhat overhyped, maybe because it was Sunday, maybe because it was too windy and cold. Don't get me wrong, it is beautiful but I feel you can get the same exact experience somewhere in Spain or Portugal and enjoy it more for less. Needless to say that Monaco was my favorite. 

The look you see above was the last day we were there, so we tried to wake up at a convenient hour and head to Canes, we honestly thought it would end up beeing better than it was, so while we were there we took the impulse to go see Villefranche just before leaving. It was such a good decision! It looked amazing with the sunset! I even went live on Instagram stories just to show you. I loved it although everything was closed. #WeekendsInFrance

When we decided to leave because we had our flight that evening, the train station had a problem, something was on the way so we were stuck there for about an hour (photos coming soon). We were so hungry but because it was Sunday in low season every place was closed so no food for us. Once we got back to Nice and headed to the hotel to change clothes and pick up our bags, we knew we had to hurry to get something quickly to eat and leave. After a while looking for a place to eat (such a mistake, 30 min made a huge difference). We ended up leaving in a rush to the airport so late at a point we thought we wouldn't make it. Thankfully we had the check in made and we ran through the airport like crazy with a pizza in our hands. It was the first time I was happy for a 1h-2h delayed flight.  What an adventure..