It is Monday evening, and I have just arrived to Paris. It feels so good to be back. Although I haven't got much sleep in this last week I was looking forward to go out instead of staying in the hotel the entire day, and that was exactly what we did. Nothing can replace a good time around the city.

To be honest with you, I feel closer to a person when she's ok to share the ups and downs. When you are doing a lot of things for the first time, all at the same time, it will likely be challenging, I've been doing that for over a year now. It is really my choice, it can definitely be more exciting and have more potential than a linear life, however some days are simply more challenging and in those days we should simply speak our minds as someone might be feeling the same. If you are going through something message/tweet/comment, you are not alone, and you will come up above, it's a matter of time. "It's with the ups and downs that we make waves" remember? :)

About the look, just before heading to Paris, we have been exploring around the London Fields, visiting the trendy coffee shops, the vintage market, and trying out foods/drinks we haven't tried before. Because we would be walking around for a while, I thought my new Madoru Adidas would be perfect as they feel like slippers when walking around. It was quite hot that day, so I opted for something simple to style around the trainers, finishing the look with a black velvet choker.

Madoru Trainers: Adidas • Sports Shorts: H&M (similar• Bodysuit: Club L • Choker: Topshop • Sunglasses: Asos