After running around from shows to events and parties, it was time to wake up early have a nice coffee, dress up comfortably (and warm) and explore the city.

The weather seemed to be on our side this day, it felt good to be able to walk around without an umbrella (or the hair in my face, thanks to the wind) although I was prepared for anything. 

It was actually my first time in Paris. It is one of those cities I always wanted to check on my list but never really made it a priority. I've been in Marseille and Villefranche-Sur-Mer (so beautiful!) so I would say I tend to prefer tropical/cultural places over capitals when it comes to travel.

I found out a couple things while in Paris:
1. Places that sound fancy might not be as fancy as they sound. 
2. There's probably more places open on Christmas day in London, than in a usual Sunday in Paris. Even shopping centres will be closed. If you are eating out like we were, prepare to sit in a hotel and pay double or grab something at Carrefour.
3. The Rive Gauche (south side of the river) is far more beautiful and culturally rich than the north. If you are going there, make sure your hotel is located on this area.
4. Shockingly there's too many homeless/beggars on the city. Compared to others cities where you would see homeless coming into restaurants and walking in groups and families outside (like Lisbon) Paris was not even comparable, with probably five times more than what you would find in the centre of Lisbon.
5. The monuments can be overwhelming, we took some photos to share with you but there's really nothing like being there and seeing it from up close. My first reaction to Notre-Dame was that it looked like crochet. (it does).
6. Uber is still the best way to go long distances, although we tried the metro and it is not as daunting as you would think. Yes, there are many lines, but at the end you just need one or two like everywhere else. Just pay attention and take your time.
7. Food is not as expensive as we were expecting, drinks can be a bit more pricey when compared, but if you find it too much, you can always ask for tap water.
8. The waffles near the Grand Roue are not bad, but if you visit the Rive Gauche you need to go to Amorino, they have the best waffles and crepes
9. The ambient on the streets is not as fast paced as London, it's a bit more similar to Milan. People close to lunch and have different schedules.
10. Going out can be quite different. Raspoutine is now a place to go back next we are in Paris.

About the outfit, this is the PFW Look #7 with a twist. I changed my Valentino to Converse and put on my favourite scarf (note that the size of the handbag was crucial for this process). It was still too cold, so I went into Zara looking for the comfiest sweater I could find! 
On the next day I pulled my hair up and changed to regular leggings from Calzedonia. After so many days looking for elegance and sophistication my body and mind was craving some deep comfort and fun relaxed time. 

Wool Scarf: Zara (similar• Green T-Shirt Dress: Asos • Leather Leggings: Helmut Lang (similar• Black Handbag: Armani Jeans (similar• Beige Sweater: Zara (similar• White Sneakers: Converse 

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