If you’re stuck in a routine it’s time to get inspired!

70 Unusual Things To Do This Summer

Home and Style
1. Redecorate your room
2. Giveaway at least 20% of your wardrobe
3. Get at least 5 key items to upgrade your closet (ex. gladiatorsfedorabutton up skirt)
4. Get a Triangl bikini
5. Bring some tropical life to your room with beautiful plants (ex. bamboo, little cactus, mini palm tree)
6. Clean up the fridge, put the healthy foods on the top drawers
7. Sleep with the curtains open and wake up with the sun
8. Leave your shoes at the door
9.  Go minimal, simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication
10. Refresh your look with a new modern haircut

  Throw a party
12. Call a friend a day
13. Attend to a beach party
14. Meet someone new every week
15. Attend at least one concert/festival
16. Be more sociable/outgoing
17. Open up to new events
18. Snapchat your summer to everyone
19. Start a Youtube channel with friends
20. Go on a road trip

21. Learn to cycle, skate or roller-skate
22. Explore a new area
23. Play sports while at the beach
24. Attend to outdoor yoga (balcony or yard will work)
25. Start a Blogilates program
26. Find company and visit a new city
27. Try every group class in your gym
28. Learn a new dance
29. Join a water sports group (ex. surf, kite, paddling)
30. Set an alarm to do 30 crunches every morning

 Go scuba diving together
32. Make him/her a surprise
33. Spend 24 hours together
34. Teach something to each other
35. Borrow his shirt
36. Go for a run together
37. Cook for each other something different
38. Leave cute notes hidden in his/her stuff
39. Write a cool love letter
40. Take lots of photos and make a summer album

 Donate for a startup
42. Giveaway homeware
43.  Start a little garden (vertical gardens are great for apartments)
44. Walk to places more often
45. Start recycling if you haven’t started yet
46. Do someone a favour every week and tell them to pay it forward
47. Try doing a blackout day every week
48. Try shopping local now and then
49. Commit to sharing only positive things online and socially
50. Volunteer (there are many options, find one that would make you happy to participate)

 Start something from raw
52. Sell something you do or have
53. Take your craft to another level
54. Attend a Workshop about something you’re interested in
55. Learn a new language with Duolingo
56. Learn code with Codecademy
57. Get a free course online with Coursera
58. Apply to work experience vacancies
59. Write your own book
60. Teach someone what you know

Self Care
 Sun makes us happier, spend more time outside
62. Eat healthier, any small changes will bring results
63. Get a diary and write every night your thoughts and emotions (I call it mind detox, it works!)
64. Do a full body skin treatment
65. Start laser waxing
66. Drink at least 2l of water every day
67. Start reading a book (ex. What I Know For Sure by Oprah Winfrey)
68. Get a gratitude book and every day write 10 things you’re grateful for
69. Learn how to do makeup properly on youtube and try it yourself
70. Clean up your social media from “bad content

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