Stop doing what makes you unhappy

There’s nothing you NEED to do, if you need to do something it is because you have structured your life in that way, you can either change it or find a way to appreciate it. You were given this life to have fun, to learn, love and grow. Anything that makes you feel bad should be either looked with another eyes or changed, there is no reason to be unhappy, let your life be changed by doing different choices, and thinking different things.

Get away from poisonous people

There’s good things in everyone, but we couldn’t possibly all agree with each other all the time or like the same things, thankfully there is enough people in the world for us to enjoy time together with the ones we love most. If you find that someone in your life is not quite like you and doesn’t help the person you are, independently of how good that person is, it’s ok for you to take a step back, it is really not her at this point, it is you. You are looking for different things, and mostly to be happy.

Listen to music, dance if you will

Listening to music has one of the best impacts on how we feel. Make sure the music moves you, makes you excited, happy or grateful or even in love. If something sad or negative start playing just hit next, no one has time for that! Look for the good feelings that come so easily with music and flavour them as if it is all that there is in that moment. Jump around if you can’t dance, but have fun!

Make time for progress

Progress makes us feel important, happy and alive. Feeling that things are changing for better and that we are making it so is just a happy powerful mood to be in. If you can check things that you have been wanting to get done for a while in a time frame that is not normal to you you will meet progress. Progress raises your happiness, gratitude and faith. Chances are you will want to do something fun afterwards.

Make time for enjoyment

Every progress must be celebrated, it is important to make sure you are having fun. You don’t want to look back in a couple years and regret the time stuck at home doing boring things. You want to remember the good moments, the experiences you went through, the ups and downs and mostly to feel that you lived fully. Because we don’t push ourselves to progress we tend to either punish ourselves by not having too much fun, or to feel ridiculous when having fun because we haven’t done well, because we don’t feel we deserved it. It is right, it is easier and more fun to enjoy time doing exciting things when we feel that it was well deserved. 

Make no requirements

In another words, go with the flow. Don’t try to change anything or demand in order to be happy. You should be happy regardless or you will be forever depended to exterior outcomes. It is easier that it seems, you just have to take life a little bit lighter and be more flexible. Making happiness a priority will make you laugh out loud in the most random situations. Worse than having something bad happening to you is making it a trophy, talking about it all the time and giving it more airtime. 

Make sure you’re having enough sleep

Sleeping is so necessary. If you’ve done the progress, had the enjoyment it is all good, it is time to rest so that you are fully ready for the next day. If you don’t sleep as much (same for drinking water) your body will start turning down, and the dopamine levels will fall, making you sad for no reason and depressive without need. The same can happen if you are sleeping too much. Just let yourself have the best experience possible by having quality sleep before every great day in your life.