1. The palette

Choose the 4 main colours you like seeing yourself wearing and make sure they go well together. For me I like having black, grey, white and burgundy for fall/winter. So every time I go shopping I choose these colours, you don’t need to have the pantone samples collection inside your closet, it’s not meant to be a rainbow. Last Summer I kept myself around white, military green, yellow and browns. Might sound random but hey, at least I made my mind. Getting dressed is so easy because suddenly you don’t need that t’shirt to wear under that flannel because there’s more in the drawer that look as cool as that one. You’ll find out that your favourite blazer actually looks better with the other shirt, whoever when it’s in the dryer and you need to leave quickly there’s another one that looks as good as the other. There’s nothing bad in having a lot of black clothes if you know what to do with them, look great and feel amazing. There’s nothing wrong in dressing monochrome, in fact it is more stylish. It’s an effortless minimal that makes your day go more smoothly. And in case you need some colour I am sure that that green scarf will go well with everything. I’ve never heard someone complaining about a pop of colour in a sea of monochrome.

2. Don’t feel like you need to wear everything the same amount of times

Feeling guilty for not wearing that shirt that you never used before and it still has the tag on is simply a waste of your time, it’s bad enough that you bought it, right? The new shopping rule (4 colours only) will probably stop this from happening. Now you have 3 options, you can save if for a friend’s birthday, you can sell it online (there’s an app great for your phone called Vinted, it’s worth having a look) or.. you can leave it in your closet, you never know when you will feel like wearing something like that again. I once found a shirt with tag in my closet and it was in sync with my style in that Summer so it was great I left it there, it felt like someone had brought a little gift for me - My style! You know me so well! - Well, apparently I did, I bought it a year in advance.

3. Double Your Loves

If there’s something you really really really like, then I would advise you to get two of those, it might be jeans, might be a t-shirt, or maybe a specific top. Not only for those days when you simply forgot to do the laundry but also because the clothes we like the most we wear the most and these are the ones that get damaged more quickly. A simple stain can ruin everything. If you have a spare one it won’t bother you that much and you can still use the old one for camping or doing your arts and crafts for instance.

4. Socks Deal

Buying cute rainbow socks is probably one of the worst moves you can make while shopping, we all know that you will only wear them with boots or at home, which is fine if you have just one pair of coloured socks, but you know what happens when it gets to 50% of your drawer, you end up having to do the laundry before you get to the weekend because you don’t have monochrome socks or transparent ones. And now you have to change your entire outfit because you can’t wear those shoes that you wanted, you know where this goes. No one likes to change plans because of socks. The same can be applied to the rest of your underwear. We’re all guilty of having a million of cute bras and wearing just one, unless you’re having a Saturday Night Fever. 

That’s everything for today’s post, I hope this has helped you. I see you in the next one.

Dream on,