It's 2AM here, I've been packing last night till 3AM I don't know what's real life anymore and I am so OK with it. I'm not one to get into routines (although I see the potential) but I honestly get bored so easily I couldn't possibly live the same day more than once. The only thing I am actually consistent with is food, gym and washing my teeth..  oh and social media! That's a lot already!

Took these photos back when we went to Barcelona, it was raining on this day, it's all in the Video section. (and youtube)

Out of all the t-shirts, I have to admit I have been wearing this one the most, and the airplane mode one because the fabric is so comfortable and the prints are so cool. I love all the designs but depending on the mood I will turn to different ones, I guess these two fit my mood most of the time. 

I am wearing it super casual here, with a red bandana (I know, I am obsessed.. ) black leggings because duh! if you see me wearing jeans take a photo because that will be History before your eyes! Also wearing a denim jacket with an embroidered and white converse, my main go-to look at the moment. This yellow cap is also super cool, I found it in the men's section. Of course, whenever I am with Pedro he steals it from me, oh and the sunglasses too!