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How easy is it to find key pieces discounted before the season even begins? Almost impossible. However, I think I found a way to get these to you, maybe starting a new category here at Silver Girl. If there's any brand that you'd see next, just leave it in the comments below. 

Some of these pieces were either listed too early, a bit on the side of the actual trend or were simply not the best option in terms of price/value when comparing to other brands. But as soon as they go on sale it's a totally new story. 

Some of the key pieces I found revolved around the blazer trend, silver fabrics, and denim. But I also found a mesh top with roses (the trend should fade soon but hey, it's on sale!) the dungarees and the coloured lapel jacket which might be one of the best still available if it fits your style, although you really can't go wrong with an oversized blazer this season. 

1. Double Breasted Blazer
2. Metalic Silver Top
3. LIght Boot Cut Jeans
4. Pink Jeans
5. Tweed Coat
6. Low Waist Mini Skirt
7. Leather Dungarees
8. Trenchcoat
9. Denim Shirt
10. Denim Dungarees
11. Grampa Blazer
12. Metallic Mini Skirt
13. Contrast Collar Leather Jacket
14. Black Mesh T-Shirt
15. Silver Culotte Style Joggers