It's 2AM here, I've been packing last night till 3AM I don't know what's real life anymore and I am so OK with it. I'm not one to get into routines (although I see the potential) but I honestly get bored so easily I couldn't possibly live the same day more than once. The only thing I am actually consistent with is food, gym and washing my teeth..  oh and social media! That's a lot already!

Took these photos back when we went to Barcelona, it was raining on this day, it's all in the Video section. (and youtube)

Out of all the t-shirts, I have to admit I have been wearing this one the most, and the airplane mode one because the fabric is so comfortable and the prints are so cool. I love all the designs but depending on the mood I will turn to different ones, I guess these two fit my mood most of the time. 

I am wearing it super casual here, with a red bandana (I know, I am obsessed.. ) black leggings because duh! if you see me wearing jeans take a photo because that will be History before your eyes! Also wearing a denim jacket with an embroidered and white converse, my main go-to look at the moment. This yellow cap is also super cool, I found it in the men's section. Of course, whenever I am with Pedro he steals it from me, oh and the sunglasses too! 


Not Your Babe


It is not by chance that our biggest challenges end up being our most told stories. We think we know ourselves, where our limits are, how much we can take and the things we can't absolutely do, because we weren't good at math or we were never creative

When life pushes us forward to face the challenges, clear the way and move onto the next thing, we soon realise that what we tell ourselves is nothing but a story used to vanish the guilt for not trying. We induce ourselves to believe that we are right in our own prediction and to try is to waste time, or be a fool for knowing it wouldn't go well and still do it. 

"You know nothing John Snow" remember that. We Know Nothing. Even if there is a study, a probability or an expert. We know nothing. Because if the one person never tried because 98% failed, that person could belong to the 2% but we would never find out.
You don't have to be entitled or confident to belong to the winners, millionaires, rockstars and game changers. You find out to be part of the 2% by trying! - Not by looking at stats, probabilities and chances. 

You need confidence not so much to believe that you are going to make it but to know that we are given the same chance to pursue our own truth and find out our own limits for ourselves. 
Thinking you are just another one, (a small fish in a big pond) is exactly what is making you just another one. The day you start seeing things differently things will start changing. 

About the look, this time I am wearing a band tee from CHRLDR with black high waisted skinny trousers and black leather boots. I've folded the t-shirt to look like a crop top and added a faux leopard fur coat. This look was shot back on the first days of January. 



And we are half way through the wear (or almost) Damn! So much has changed in the last 6 months for me, my mind is in such a different place, I feel like I am slowly getting back in line with myself, I didn't realise how lost I was earlier this year until this past week. It made me try so many different things though! Nothing like getting over things by going through them. I could call it a waste of time but looking back it was super efficient considering the number of things I tried in such a few months, but mostly how sure I am now about where I am heading and what I want to do with my life. 

In the following days, you will see Silver Girl change into something different. I don't want this to be just a blog and I don't want to be a blogger, I never wanted to, I always had a bigger picture in mind. At first I though I wanted to travel the world, but I was wrong. I don't mind travelling, but I don't like going to places without a purpose. Still dreaming about LA though, although now I am looking at it in a completely new way. I always wanted to be (in general) an entertainer, but the fact that it is so crowded made me give up too early, and turn to something I am also passionate which is obviously fashion & style. But as the time passes and as I make good and bad decisions it became more obvious what I should do. And yes I kind of wish I had started earlier, but starting earlier wouldn't necessarily have been better. 

I am starting to have fun with YouTube. I guess when you dive in you get sort of hooked. So that's part of what is coming, here. Written / photo posts will soon end and turn into videos where you will be able to watch me instead of scrolling through photos and read. What is also exciting is that I will be launching new t-shirts every season. This project has been so interesting to me, I've tried so many t-shirts and looked at different prints and designs. I wanted to make sure I could hit a decent price for a good quality t-shirt with a dope design. 

About NICE, there will be a vlog, and you will be able to see EVERYTHING. That's coming soon.
About the look, I arrived in Nice around lunch time, it was humid and gloomy so I took a denim jacket and converse, I always travel with this type of clothing, it goes with everything and its super comfortable and casual. For the outfit itself, I went with a white crop top and light striped high waisted trousers, which by the way are from Zara, I love them.

See you soon!