Bonsoir! Laying on the bed from my hotel in Paris as I write to you. So much anticipation for Paris. Just picked up the first invites for tomorrow's shows. I am actually surprised after such a tumbling year I still got a few designers confidence. They have no idea what's coming. I have this cool idea in mind, I think you will like it too. I'll keep it secret for now, but you will see it soon..

I am vlogging here in Paris, so this will all be on youtube next week, make sure you subscribe and turn on the notifications so that you don't miss it. 

Believe it or not, I brought this outfit with me to Paris after wearing it on the last day of London Fashion Week, I realized it was such a better match to the city. Still, I brought so many new clothes that I might not even end up wearing it. I am already planning on filming another haul, after putting up the last one. (bear with me as fashion week happens) I'll get to it. Just the jacket I wore today, Uh! So good! I think I'm officially into Topshop. I know, you're like "what? just now?" but think about it.. I shop online, I don't really go into stores (other than Sundays before fashion weeks aka yesterday) where I went into Topshop at Oxford Circus. It was a whole new experience, it's like walking into a huge trendy department store. But you kind of start getting headaches after a while - they definitely need a better website! 

About the look, Elie Beaumont sent me this classic watch with a black leather strap. I've been wearing it a lot with my new blazers. It's a perfect match to the double-breasted blazer trend. If you like the city style like on this board, you need this watch. 
I loved this blazer the moment I saw it on Asos while randomly scrolling while waiting for my uber (last time it seems). I knew this would look good with the Brixton hat. What I didn't know was that these trousers would end up being so comfortable they'd make me stop wearing leggings. I've officially surrendered to the cigarette suit pants, (I bet my mom is proud) I've been avoiding jeans since the first year of high school. But if you've been around for a while that is not news to you.
Had to finish the look with the white boots. I've been wearing them like crazy. I basically went from white sneakers to white boots from day to night. I feel like my new home is doing so good to me. 

As I left the ON-OFF Show at the BFC Show Space, as I turned to another street this girl spotted me and reached out just to say "hey! I like your outfit!" since then I've been looking for opportunities to do the same. It was so random and genuine. We often see something we like but we forget to express it, I truly believe these little things make life so much more interesting. Next time you're out, try it. 





AGO 2017

A quick stop by to share these with you, as I pack to Paris. Finally right? I haven't stopped talking about Paris ever since I booked the flights (of course Pedro is coming, we need those fire photos..) and after that, Lisbon again! Ha! Bet you weren't expecting that! No, I'm not coming for the modeling thing, but I might get in touch with a few people to come up with something exciting, during that weekend. 

I've been thinking it would be interesting to find like-minded people to collaborate with. Whether in London or elsewhere really. Photographers, YouTubers even entrepreneurs, I've been feeling like giving a hand. That's something I want to focus on, in the upcoming year. In part, this year felt somewhat lonely, it gets boring. Being so involved in doing, made me realize that having so much to do was also coming from a point where I didn't want to let go of a lot. Moving forward should be like Tarzan or Jane in the jungle, jumping from rope to rope - I have to let go of the last one and trust that I'll grab the next one. So I crossed a lot out of my "to-do" list.

I feel butterflies in my stomach every time I realize how far I've come. I honestly just want to "make it" so that my story is worth telling to a point it is actually deeply inspiring. I've put so much under the rug, not to hide, but because this is my happy place, it has always been and it will always be. Silver Girl, was meant to inspire you but has honestly kept me awake, fulfilled and believing. It has proven me that I am capable of more and that being brave and daring enough to push myself forward will always pay back. 

One day I will tell you everything. How I got to those 60k on Instagram (l know it's nothing, but it's a lot, 60k is way more than the number of students in my college - also, that happened almost all at once) one day I will tell you how I got to Fashion Week, how I actually sat front row, how I got luxury in my closet and how that is mind blown to anyone who met me before my life shifted. I still want more, but it feels good to appreciate those thousand miles. Of course taking it to another level is more exciting, everything is when you love what you do. I also loved being randomly recognized in Paris, I'm there like once a year or so. And on that note, never wished to travel as much as I do, in fact, I used to complain a lot (airports, airplanes, packing..) but so much of something eventually you adapt. I am the number one at packing, (although I still lost a flight this year) but hey, that was (arguably) EasyJet's fault.. just saying. :)

You might want to know the story behind this t-shirt. Why would I create this design for my t-shirt collection? "I Could Fight The Mongols"?

It was inspired by something I said at 1 AM one time I traveled for 5 days to get my passport and ID changed. But if you don't know Portugal, it takes 5x more people, papers, and days to get things done. I flew 3 AM or so, arrived and immediately started taking care of things, called people that you just don't call, rushed from one place to another (yup, picture me running in hot weather with airplane makeup) Barely eating. And my ID's photo was taken with my loyal Iphone7 plus - shh! that's a secret! - After a long day, I made it - one of my documents would be ready the day I'd travel back to London (otherwise I wouldn't be able to fly back). The other documents would then be sent to me. At the end of the day I was beyond exhaustion, after a shower and laying under the covers, I texted Pedro: "I could fight the Mongols". We had been talking earlier that week how Mongols were the most ruthless army in the history of war - It's a way of saying you're relentless, nothing will stop you, not even the Mongols. 

Netflix & Chill Pink T-Shirt: Asos or HeySilverGirl


stilnest miasoarez jewellery




Airplane Necklace: Stilnest 

Stilnest is a jewellery brand that allows influencers worldwide to design their own collections through the power of 3D printing. Names like Anna Saccone representing the city of London, Debi Flügge from Germany and Chloe Ting from Melbourne are just a few of the many talents that joined the #StinestSquad.

With over 90 collections to choose from, inspired by each influencer’s lifestyle, from moons and stars to zodiac and animals to airplanes and compasses. Each collection has a story, each piece has a meaning. 

The Globetrotter collection by Luísa Lión is one of my favourites, with palm trees airplanes and LA. In terms of design Material Girl was super original with each piece and design, and Chloe’s Nature Collection is so easy to love. And when you need a little reminder, Frau Holle designed little amulets with words of encouragementsuch as “do it” and “be brave” wouldn’t that be the perfect gift?

There are also phone covers and notebooks, take as an example Carmushka from Köln. Her collection Just In Case is full of personality and colour, while Luísa this time turned to black and white marble prints and airplane outlines in her EHFAR Collection.


What do you think of Stilnest? I personally would love to design my own jewellery collection this easy and have it available and delivered so quickly and in a beautiful packaging. At the same time love the fact that we can join a story by getting pieces with true meanings behind that we can relate, designed not just to be pretty but to tell that story that we will then carry with us.