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It’s about time to start adding some nice Summer related posts to our Mia section. Look forward for lots of Mia posts as she’s our Summer girl.

I thought it would be a nice way to start by adding some of my self-care routines, so today we are talking about hair.

My hair has always been very thick and strong, when I was a little girl it was dark blonde, and during my childhood I had it long with bangs. Around teenage years it got darker and wavy and with more tendency to get oilier than dry. Today my hair is auburn or light red, depending on the sun. And it gets dry more often than not, so I decided to start taking extra care of it.

I was using several hair products, from heat protector to hydrants and conditioners. My hair was still quite dry and the products didn’t seem to help as much.

Recently I got the opportunity to work with Hairtrade and try one of their products. After a quick research about hair products I found out a lot about Argan oil and I thought this would be a great topic to share with you and mostly try it for myself and see if it really works.

As soon as I got the product I started applying it on my fresh washed hair. As my hair is super thick and dry, the results were amazing. This Argan oil is not greasy, smells better than I expected (somewhat like men’s perfume) and you could apply it in your roots if your hair is that thick, and it wouldn’t look wet at all as most hair oils do.

Now I am not sure if all Argan oils are done the same way, I found out some are organic and some are just 100% Argan with nothing else added. This one I used, Sahar, has botanicals and natural ingredients that help repair and rebuild our hair.

What you need to know about Argan Oil

Argan oil is a plant oil produced from the kernels of the Argan tree. It has gained a reputation world-wide, both as an ingredient in high-end, personal-care products and as a heart-healthy gourmet product.

Argan oil is proven to make hair softer, silkier and shinier. It also helps to treat split ends and tame frizzy hair. Due to its ability to tame frizz and give hair shine, Argan oil is also commonly used as a styling agent. It makes hair more manageable and adds a healthy, attractive shine to any hair style. This is an ideal step to add to your daily routine after blow-drying. Rub a few drops of Argan oil over your palms and then comb your fingers through your hair to apply.

This non-greasy oil makes for the perfect leave-in conditioner that makes your hair easier to style while repairing those pesky split ends! Argan oil helps to tame frizz and fly-aways, protect against the heat of hair dryers, curlers and flat irons, all the while promoting body and a healthy shine.

There is some research that indicates Argan oil can even promote hair growth, so be sure to rub it in to your scalp too. Depending on the thickness, texture, condition, and length of your hair, you may need anywhere from 1 drop to 3 drops.

Other uses of Argan Oil

Skin care, such as acne, moisturiser, live-in conditioner, skin toner, nighttime moisturiser, exfoliating.

Body, such as, anti-ageing and healing. Pure Argan oil used internally has been shown to fight cancer, cardiovascular disease, and inflammatory disorders. When applied externally, it cures everything from scars to infections to split ends to stretch marks.

Culinary: Scientific research suggests that culinary Argan oil can help to lower cholesterol, improve circulation, stabilise blood sugar, ease pain from rheumatism and arthritis, strengthen the body’s immune system, prevent various types of cancer, reducing the body’s resistance to insulin, helping treat diabetes, protecting the body from cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases.

I hope you have learned as much about Argan oil as I did, I am sure I will finish up my Sahar bottle pretty quickly during the Summer, my hair is already more healthy. Also don’t forget to drink lot’s of water, it is the best medicine and cosmetic we have.

Stay healthy,

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