Get creative without spending a penny, this is the quickest and best looking DIY I could possibly give to you. You don’t have to go on Pinterest and take a day off to switch up the things around your room/apartment. Think twice next time you do your groceries, there’s a huge potential in glass. 


4 Types of Glass Containers Already in Your House

1. The Cup of Wax

I am sure you have a candle somewhere in the house, maybe you’re not really using it or maybe you don’t want to burn it till the end because it looks better when it’s full. But if you are like me, chances are you already went through a few in just one month. And once they finish all you have to do in put in under hot water and everything will come off with absolute no effort. The best thing about candles is that you can find them the the prettiest shapes for just a few pounds, and getting double use out of it just makes it instantly cheaper.

2. The Jar of Magic Waking Up Powder

I would say that everyone loves coffee, but if you don’t, there’s still the decaf jar that ends up being pretty much the same. Keep saving these jars they can be useful even in the kitchen. 

3. The Creamy & Flavour Containers 

From peanut butter, Nutella and jams to olives and pickles there’s a ton of containers made out of glass that can come very handy mostly if they have the same shape. Just save everything and select the ones you prefer accordingly.

4. The Odd One Out

If you just got your glass set recently  chances are this one might not work for you. But the idea is, if all your glasses match apart from one or two, take those two and do something else with them. You can always decorate them, for me I think that the clear and simple looks more sophisticated, however I am sure that if you are an artist with a talent for arts and crafts your’s might end up looking better than mine.


That being said, I hope you can send us your photos with your beautiful containers and if you had another brilliant idea don’t forget to share, I would honestly love to hear it. Share everything with #GlassPotential #SilverGirls

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