What does it mean to be a Silver Girl?

It means to be authentic and confident in your own skin. To follow your gut and to trust your instinct. To get up as much as you fall and to never, ever give up on your dreams. A Silver Girl is not afraid to dream big, she's an optimist. A Silver Girl sees life as an adventure and she expresses herself through everything she does. She doesn't play by the rules, she's natural, original and fresh. 

If there is something unique in you, that is your treasure. By looking to fit in, you will only be missing the extraordinary life you were given. 


I was born with a lot of freedom, I'd wear skirts and walk barefoot more often than not, during Summer. Catching bugs on the huge garden at my parent's or laying on my little inflatable pool with my dog, were just some of my favourite things to do during the season. I loved my dogs, it's one of the things that I miss the most from that time. Waking up meant looking outside to check the weather, and go straight outside. My room was pink and my furniture white. My parents were, and still are, the biggest form of unconditional love I've ever acknowledged. They have supported me through the ups and downs and never made me feel bad for my mistakes. My mom gave me the strength to take whatever comes in the way and turn in into confetti

I had little latin influences in my style since very young as I'd receive gifts (clothing) from family abroad, from different places in South America. My classy side is likely to come from seeing my aunt putting on makeup and getting dressed on Sundays. She took care of me as a baby. She was a bit strict with rules, but I knew she was doing her best to prepare me to life according to what she lived. I was the daughter she never had. It seemed like her closet never ended, and her makeup bag seemed to me the most luxurious and delicate thing for a woman to have. She thought me the manners that were not imposed to me, so I learned it from a point where I didn't necessarily had to follow, but I liked it, as it made me feel special.

I always believed that something better was in store for me, that there was something more. That sense made me push myself and try all sort of things at an early age. I wanted to find out what that was. I learned to dance, to singe and act, I learned about art and human behaviour and self development, learned about fashion and style and emotional intelligence. With all of that I understood that there's more in fashion and style than material and fitting. There's personality and self recognition. To know who we are, and where we are going. To first embrace it and them make it burst. I still don't know what it is, but I am about to find out.